Liana Corwin is a nationally-recognized travel and consumer trends expert, who has been featured on NBC Nightly News, ABC, CBS, CNBC, the CW, Fox, and many more.


She regularly provides commentary and data-driven insights on the industry and its ever-changing trends, helping travelers make sense of the landscape so that they can save money and travel more often.

Liana has explored countless parts of the globe, and has lived in eight cities and four different time zones. Each experience has left a lasting impression and contributes to her broader understanding of travel, which is why she is passionate about bringing the insights she gathers to the broader community.

Liana is always happy to provide commentary for any travel-related stories. Recent insights have appeared in a variety of outlets such as CNBC, NBC, Reader's Digest, and VICE.


If you're a media professional and would like to contact Liana, please get in touch here. You can also follow Liana on Instagram and Twitter.

When she's not on the road, Liana is based in San Francisco, where you can often find her planning her next trip.


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